Traditional sandboxes just waste time


Supply chain compromise is on the rise

With the rise of cyber attacks and supply-chain attacks, businesses are increasingly investing in advanced protection to safeguard against malware and other advanced threats. . Thus, investing in advanced protection solutions is critical for businesses to enhance their overall protection capabilities.

Traditional cybersecurity solutions often fail to detect supply chain attacks because they focus on protecting the perimeter of the network and endpoints from external threats. However, supply chain attacks are initiated by compromising trusted vendors, suppliers, or partners, which allows attackers to bypass traditional security measures. These types of attacks are often difficult to detect as they occur within trusted networks, making it challenging for traditional solutions to identify and prevent them. Additionally, supply chain attacks can remain undetected for extended periods, allowing attackers to move laterally within a network and exfiltrate sensitive data unnoticed.

Supply chain compromise is on the rise

0 %
of organizations have experienced security incidents caused by supply chain weaknesses
0 %
of security incidents and data breaches involved stolen credentials
0 %
increase in stolen credentials in the last five years

Simulate malware detection with cross validation

Introducing Vortex

All in one platform with file simulation, AI-powered threat prevention and file sanitization

Break through the limitations of traditional security with Vortex

Cyberstanc Vortex is designed to enhance the existing frameworks, tools, and techniques for secure data transfer between secure networks. By utilizing Simulation Intelligence and Signature-less detection capabilities, it aims to bridge the gaps and overcome limitations present in current solutions. With its unique “Report, Remove, and Sanitize” feature, Cyberstanc Vortex provides comprehensive protection and ensures the secure transfer of data.

State of the art detection

The Cyberstanc Vortex platform offers a technical demo showcasing its easy API integration and agent-based use cases for endpoint, network, email, and storage protection. Its state-of-the-art threat detection system covers most of the grey areas that attackers target or plan to exploit in the future.

Scrutiny engine

Cyberstanc Vortex integrates Scruitiny's engine and custom co-build agent to detect a wide variety of files, such as executables, documents, scripts, and common file-types. This comprehensive approach ensures thorough protection for all your data.

Simulation Intelligence

Simulation Intelligence of highly obfuscated and real-word malware techniques including macro malware, VBA, VBS, PowerShell, DOCx, Calender files, One-Note, Jscript, MSHTA, XSL, and WSF.etc andc counting

File types

Vortex, supports a wide range of file types to ensure comprehensive protection for all your data. This includes popular file types such as Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, image files, audio and video files, almost 150+ file types.

Cost effective

Vortex provides both rapid and thorough file analysis at scale, and offers a REST API for easy integration. It can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, making it a flexible and cost-effective solution for organizations of all sizes.

Use Cases

Unleash the full potential of your data with Vortex the ultimate solution for secure and streamlined file sharing, collaboration, and storage

Simulated intelligence

SWATBOX uses simulated intelligence to detect and respond to emerging threats in real-time, by emulating a wide range of realistic attack scenarios.

Malware Sandboxing

Utilizes a combination of dynamic analysis, behavioral analysis, and machine learning to detect and analyze malware samples in a controlled environment.

Threat hunting

Allows organizations to identify unknown or undiscovered threats and understand the attack chain providing curated intelligence for proactive defense and incident response.


Integrates with other security solutions such as EDR and SIEM, providing a comprehensive view of the security posture and visibility into the attack chain.


Designed to be cost-effective and lightweight, it does not significantly impact system performance, and fully compliant with standard regulations capable of supporting 100k+ file scans per day, making it an ideal solution for organizations with large-scale security operations.

SOC Empowerment

Vortex can help SOC teams and analysts with day-to-day hunting by providing a comprehensive platform for storing and sharing files, advanced threat detection, centralized visibility, collaboration and workflow management, and integration with other security tools.

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