In Triage, technology tested for efficacy

In our triage process, we thoroughly test the efficacy of our cutting-edge malware detection technology. We evaluate its performance, accuracy, and ability to detect and mitigate new and emerging threats. This rigorous testing ensures that our customers are getting the best possible protection against malware and other cyber threats.

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Empowering cyber resilience with Cyberstanc

Cyberstanc is a technology driven company that provides a comprehensive product suite for detecting sophisticated attacks. Our self-learning engine allows us to identify and mitigate emerging threats. We also offer services to test corporate readiness through simulated attacks, helping our clients prepare for any eventuality. Our products prevent attacks in the early stages and protect against known and unknown malware and zero-days, giving our clients peace of mind.

Multi Tier Detection

Out detection technology utilizes a multi-tiered approach, incorporating both pre-execution and post-execution detection techniques . This layered approach provides multiple points of defense and increases the chances of catching and mitigating any threat attempting to infiltrate the system.

Self learning

Our engine employs supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms, including deep learning neural networks to continuously adapt and improve its detection capabilities, by learning from both labeled and unlabeled data sets. This allows us to detect both known and unknown malware without dependency on signature-based approaches.

Extensive Simulation

Our advanced malware simulation framework uses a sandboxed approach to safely replicate real-world attack scenarios on your systems and evaluate the effectiveness of your existing security solutions.

Zero information gathering

Our product is designed with data protection and compliance in mind. It does not gather any information from users or customers, ensuring that there is no risk of data breaches or non-compliance with regulations. We take the security and privacy of our users very seriously and strive to build products that are both useful and secure. As a result, our product is fully compliant with all relevant regulations and can be used with confidence by your organization.

Augmenting security products

Our product is specifically designed to assist and empower existing EDR and MDR solutions in an organization. We understand that these solutions can have blind spots and gaps in coverage, and our product is specifically built to fill those voids. By working in conjunction with your existing EDR and MDR tools, our product enhances the overall security posture of your organization, providing an added layer of protection and visibility.

AI vs Human-led SOC

We have a collection of known and unknown malware samples that are stored and analyzed by cybersecurity researchers and our AI-based platform in order to better understand how the malware works, how it spreads, and how it can be detected and removed. The malware samples collected from various sources, including public/closed malware repositories, honeypots and submissions from individuals or organizations that have encountered the malware in the wild.

Scrutiny Engine

Advanced signature-less self-learning engine that utilizes sophisticated algorithms to detect malwares

Simulated Intelligence for Advanced Threat Detection

Simulating malware encounters in a controlled environment, our solution detects and analyzes previously unknown and emerging threats, providing your organization with actionable intelligence to enhance your security posture.

Vortex Platform

All in one platform with file simulation, AI-powered threat prevention and file sanitization

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