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Cyberstanc  listed as OPSWAT  MetaDefender core engine supplier


Cyberstanc Cyber-Threat Intelligence service integrates with a combination of Cyberstanc R&D LAB, Collaboration partners, Alliance Threat Providers, community, and 60+ open source over research to examine the ransomware samples.

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Cyberstanc presents at AVAR 2021

The DarkSide of ransomware (Colonial Pipeline attack and other threats)


RaaS IAB (Initial Access Brokers (IABs))


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Cyberstanc technology collaboration with Polyswarm

“We welcome Cyberstanc as a new participant in PolySwarm’s marketplace. We strive to bring specialized engines that contribute to the ecosystem, and Cyberstanc’s scanner brings unique insight into Indian based malware and the actors behind them” stated Steve Bassi, CEO of PolySwarm.

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Every attack is different, and so is every organization. The typical response process, based on leading practice, is outlined here — however, to be effective, an organization must have a response plan that is tailored to it. We make the job of a CISO easier so that you can manage your cybersecurity posture just like any other business risk proactively

  • Anticipating cyber attacks is the only way to be ahead of cybercriminals. With our focus on you, we ask better questions about your operations, priorities, and vulnerabilities. We then collaborate with you to create innovative answers that help you activate, adapt, and anticipate cybercrime

  • The capability to react rapidly to a cyber attack helps to minimize the possibility of long-term material impacts. Organizations that develop superior, integrated, and automated response capabilities can activate non-routine leadership, crisis management, and coordination of enterprise-wide resources quickly.

  • Map cyber defenses to real-world threats and continuously test security controls, maximizing their cybersecurity investments while providing high-quality data to security teams to prioritize remediation to protect critical infrastructure and data Cybersecurity team to understand historical threats and attacks to further focus our simulation scenario development.

  • Cyber wargaming fits well within the popular People, Process and Technology (PPT) approach to security by effectively training security and incident response teams under actual attack conditions, refining processes based on experience before a hostile event occurs, and validating the application of the technologies the organization has in place—while also identifying the need for additional tools and resources.

  • CTO, CIO, CISO, SOC incident coordinator, Pen-testers etc

Our case studies have been specially tailored for the following industries

  • oil and GAS
  • Finance sector
  • IT Sector
Oil and gas sector leaders will need to build cyber resilience into their organizations and partnerships to continue providing reliable, timely fuel deliveries to their customers in a future full of cyber threats.
Insurance companies, and capital markets firms could work with regulators by joining forces through the existing public-private sector partnership, the financial service sector could develop and implement a framework to reduce ransomware’s impact for all companies.
Ransomware attacks have increased alarmingly in 2021. No industry is safe from this malicious act, and every computer file is at risk of being encrypted.
Even with full backups and no permanent data loss, recovering from ransomware can be expensive and painful, as evidenced in this ransomware attack case study.
When we were initially asked to evaluate the extent of the attack, we investigated all of the systems and folders, once we had got to the lower level folders, we realised that it hadn’t got that far and that it was in fact, still working through encrypting the files, it was basically taking a long time due to the amount of data. This gave us the chance to stop the encryption and drill into the lower level folders to recover files before it reached them