How we are pioneers!!

SIMULATE, Detect, Respond and MITIGATE RANSOMWARE ATTACKS before any loss.
- Automatic scanning results of malicious seconds.
- Sensor-based anomaly and heuristic detections.
- Specialize in anomaly pattern matching for ransomware.
- Identifying Ransomware groups from malicious files.
- 2500+ ransomware's TTPs extracted plus indicator of compromise (IOCs) collected regularly.
- Emulate aggregated ransomware-based TTPs.
- Attack simulation scenarios used by APT groups.
- Ransomware global threat Intel information (IOCs/TTPs) and adversaries via Freemium and enterprise API.
- Integration with SIEM, SOAR, TIP, EDR, and other security control solutions.

What if we provide a product that could test ENdpoints and network continuously and automatically for ransomware threat?

dedicated research lab of security experts and ransomware threat hunters
Multi-tier detection with
CRypto Caging & 2500+ ransomware Campagin TTPs