About US

We know cybersecurity these days can be foremost, resistant, and predominant, a single breach can impact a business and bring economic-brand reputation loss. Sometimes it can all seem a bit overwhelming or too challenging to achieve for many businesses and of course far too expensive !

Cyberstanc is a technology-driven company, we offer a product suite utilizing a self-learning platform that specializes in combining multi-stage anomaly detection with heuristics based on our sensors, and on the offensive side, we simulate techniques used by different ransomware groups in a safe execution environment.

Our endpoint detection and protection platform powered by a unique “Crypto Caging” methodology assist to defend against known and unknown ransomware.

Cyberstanc's state of art cyber-threat intelligence seamlessly integrates with a combination of OEMs , Collaboration partners, threat intelligence providers, community and 60+ open sources alliances to examine ransomware samples.


What matters to us

  • Ransomware attacks are skyrocketing in the recent years
  • Identification and proper emulation of ransomware adversaries is still not being addressed
  • Malicious payloads are crafted and delivered to bypass any specialized endpoint and perimeter security solutions in targeted attack scenarios.
  • Cybersecurity gaps especially concerning human incompetency lacking basic awareness leads to ransomware attacks

What we do

What if we provide a product that could test continuously and automatically?

  • Automatic scanning results of malicious files and provide detailed analysis in seconds.
  • Sensor-based anomaly detections and specialize in anomaly pattern matching.
  • Identifying Ransomware groups from malicious files with the indicator of compromise information.
  • Emulate aggregated ransomware-based TTPs and attack simulation scenarios used by major APT families
  • Ransomware global threat Intel information & adversaries.
  • Integrate with SIEM, SOAR, TIP, EDR, and other security control solutions.

How we do it

Scrutinize files, before Ransomware infection initiates!


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