SWAT Training


If you’re looking for any kind of certification, this course is not for you. We evaluate the skills and learn niche techniques to control any triage situation

In 2019, cyber-crimes cost businesses $2 Trillion globally. Aim of the Cyberstanc is to prevent malicious cyber threats, attacks, and data breaches inside a corporate, government, defense, and other institutions.

A pioneer in the safe execution of the cyber attack, threat, tactics & procedure with cutting edge technology and engraving simulation learning roots in out of the box adversary and helping organizations best scope of work protection from attacks like Ransomware, Banking Malware and more.

Workshop Training

This workshop is specifically designed to provide the right knowledge to the aspiring Cyber Security enthusiasts for employee empowerment. Cyberstanc S.W.A.T. program is your stepping stone to success. You’ll become part of a collaborative and inclusive workplace as you build on your technical and interpersonal skills, take on real responsibilities, and hear from seniors through our speaker series.

They will gain a foundational perspective on the topics of cyber safety, social engineering attack, malware, and corporate security loopholes thus becoming a trusted workforce against cyber attacks and threats. The workshop program will help the introduction of cyber attacks and cyber safety practices used in the corporate network to mitigate the attacks.

  • Red Team - SOC Play-book – Blue Team
  • Malware attack life cycle and kill chain
  • Malware reversing with our on-demand Sandbox
  • Incident Response Plan for Data Breach, Ransomware and attacks with Asterbox live simulation
  • Breach and adversary with SPOTs Investigation

Training Objectives

We work to create a risk-aware culture where corporate employees and students are educated about the cybersecurity hazards and trained to take the right actions to defend against them. 

  • Red Team - SOC Play-book – Blue Team
  • Understanding the modern cybersecurity landscape.
  • The techniques hackers use to gain entry to your systems.
  • The threats faced by the company and its customers.
  • To expand the professional network and exchange ideas.
  • Opportunity to interact with companies that are working in the Cyber Security field.
  • Develop your professional knowledge by keeping up-to-date information in the field of information and cyber-security field.

Deliverables to participants

Software Package for every workshop participant.

  • Training Material (eBooks) for every workshop participant.
  • Cyberstanc community SWAT Leader board.
  • Cyberstanc's product real-time test facilities will be provided.
  • Further Opportunities for career growth and skills for participants.

For training related queries send us an email at [email protected]