Developing Cyberstanc Centre of excellence and skill development including Ransomware Responder program, Threat intelligence, engine detection and Simulation of Cyberthreats..

Ransomware attacks have surged recently. You see all types of organizations and users impacted by this threat. It is estimated that ransomware will increase in frequency and impact in the coming months and years. In this program, you'll receive comprehensive knowledge of typical infection points where ransomware can get into your systems and understand the options you have to detect at early-stage.
Cyberstanc provides a complete suite of products that can help SIMULATE, DETECT, RESPOND AND MITIGATE RANSOMWARE ATTACKS. Setting up of R&D Centre will help automate malware detection and provide a tool to aid security researchers in identifying and analysing malware. This research also focuses on the development of new attack detection mechanism and integrating same in future research.

Our Training Programs are for

  • Threat Hunters
  • Malware Analysts & Incident Responders
  • VA/Penetration Testers
  • Reverse Engineers
  • Digital Forensic and auditor
  • Developers, QA experts, System administrators.

  • Cybersecurity Researchers and Students