SwatBox Sandbox

While it is easy to think of large scale organizations as prime targets for cyber criminals, the truth is that companies of all sizes be it large or small are constantly under threat.

At Cyberstanc, we are always striving to provide the highest level of protection to everyone, whether you run a small business or a major enterprise. Basic malware analysis is not always a reliable way to detect sophisticated malicious code, and malware can sometimes hide from the presence of sandbox technology.

SwatBox Sandbox provides a complete multi-dimensional detection service. It analyzes and collects the static and dynamic behavior of a file by simulating the file in safe execution environment.

What is a malware sandbox ?

Security professionals use malware sandboxing to test potentially malicious software. If any code is suspected to contain malware, sandboxing is carried out to detect, analyze and study its behavior and target endpoints. The technique is a great alternative to traditional signature-based malware defense systems in terms of rendering advanced malware protection for endpoints.

Our approach

Located between the User mode and Kernel mode, our agent persuades malware into executing its full range of intended functionality, revealing its true malicious nature, intent and capabilities. All the logged capabilities are in turn broken-down for thorough analysis and a verdict is derived.

Some discrete features are listed below :

  • Pragmatically triaging incidents by level of severity.
  • Uncover the full attack life cycle with in-depth insight into all file, network, and memory and process activity.
  • Actionable Indicators of compromise (IOCs)
  • Introducing a potential kill chain vector which might prevent the execution of the malware.
  • Supports MITRE ATT&CK® framework / STIX format.
  • Report and alert provide practical guidance for threat prioritization and response.


CISO's / CTO's are provided with monthly analysis of their organization's security posture based on combined artifacts collected by Swatbox and their organization capability to handle such events.

  • Safely execute and analyze malware ranging from common to unknown threats.
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Scaling security without compromise
  • Catalyst your security operations and threat hunting


We offer two support packages for your SWATBOX sandbox instance :

  • Cloud Platform
  • SAAS

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