Ransomware, widely considered to be the fastest-growing malware hazard of the 21st century, continues to threaten the uptime, profits, brand reputation of the industry and simply collecting and blocking one IoCs may protect thousands of organizations and end-users.

RIPx is a non-traditional anti-malware detection specialized in ransomware detection, it provides a complete multi-dimensional detection service presented as a preview version of our Scrutiny engine and SWATBOX.


It analyzes and collects static and dynamic behavior data of files by simulating the file execution environment and combines with SWATBOX internal Threat DataBase to discover unknown threats in seconds.

A scan through our engine enables you to identify file names, file hash, IOCs, metadata, file format structural properties, file size, detection, PE data, etc in a few seconds.


What does RIPx offer

RIPx apart from being a community driven platform we have introduced certain APIs which can be utilized for :

  • Scanner API

    Initiate bulk scans through our specialized Scrutiny engine in order to identify :
    • Sample detections
    • Indicator of compromises (IOCs)
    • Static file information
    • Dynamic activities
  • IOCs API

    A wide range of IOC feeds tailored for security teams and enterprises to facilitate internal XDR, EDR, SIEM, TIP, SOAR, IPS/NGFW, and other security devices.
    • Community sources - Thousands of files daily being aggregated by the RIPx community version
    • Cyberstanc R&D lab - Our internal threat repository and intelligence database built with advanced honeypot and customized tools.
    • Targeted IoCs with industry specific – Malware collected repository and known/unknown threat IOCs from industry, who willing to participate in threat sharing program.
    • Dynamic activities


  • Cloud Service :- Uploading the file to Cyberstanc cloud to initiate the scan process.
  • On-premsis :- Internal Server calls request to Swat sandbox & scrutiny engine placed in customer infrastructures.