Case Studies

Every attack is different, and so is every organization. The typical response process, based on leading practice, is outlined here — however, to be effective, an organization must have a response plan that is tailored to it.

We make the job of a CISO easier so that you can manage your cybersecurity posture just like any other business risk proactively

Primary objectives

Anticipating cyber attacks is the only way to be ahead of cyber criminals. With our focus on you, we ask better questions about your operations, priorities and vulnerabilities. We then collaborate with you to create innovative answers that help you activate, adapt and anticipate cybercrime

Planning and design

The capability to react rapidly to a cyber attack helps to minimize the possibility of long-term material impacts. Organizations that develop superior, integrated and automated response capabilities can activate non-routine leadership, crisis management and coordination of enterprise-wide resources quickly.

Technology-enabled simulation

Map cyber defenses to real-world threats and continuously test security controls, maximizing their cybersecurity investments while providing high quality data to security teams to prioritize remediation to protect critical infrastructure and data Cybersecurity team to understand historical threats and attacks to further focus our simulation scenario development.

Team exercise

Cyber war gaming fits well within the popular People, Process and Technology (PPT) approach to security by effectively training security and incident response teams under actual attack conditions, refining processes based on experience before a hostile event occurs, and validating the application of the technologies the organization has in place—while also identifying the need for additional tools and resources.

Target audience

CTO, CIO, CISO, SOC incident coordinator, Pen-testers etc

Need our corporate case studies?

Our case studies have been specially tailored for the follwing industries:

  • Finance Sector
  • Oil & Gas
  • IT Sector
  • Healthcare
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