Pioneer in Malware Detections & Mitigations

Cyberstanc at DSCI Excellence awards

Cyberstanc, having graduated from the mach37, "Grandaddy of cybersecurity accelator" fall 2020 program and launched product on february 2021, has established itself as a company of innovations and in year-end got spot in India biggest security summit AISS2021 under DSCI.

We being the pioneer in ransomware detections and mitigation strategies with its multi-tier detection mechanism with self-learning model got nominated for the DSCI Excellence Award for the most innovative products of the year 2021. To provide impetus to the growth of the Indian cyber security market, DSCI is working towards contributing and building a favorable ecosystem for growth-led, sustainable business segments of security product & services companies in the country, thus creating an award category called the DSCI Excellence Award for the most innovative products of the year.

DSCI Excellence Awards 2021 - Meet the Finalists - YouTube

"Data Security Council of India" DSCI historically

DSCI is a premier industry body on data protection in India, set up by NASSCOM. Committed to making cyberspace safe, secure, and trusted by establishing best practices, standards, and initiatives in cyber security and privacy.DSCI brings together national governments, their agencies, industry sectors including IT-BPM, BFSI, Telecom, industry associations, data protection authorities, and think tanks for public advocacy, thought leadership, capacity building, and outreach initiatives. DSCI has infamously partnered with  PWC; has developed its latest report on ‘Evolving Cybersecurity Priorities’ to showcase the changing needs and demands of cybersecurity in India.

DSCI Most Innovative Product Award Jury

The objective of this initiative is to recognize, honor, and reward organizations who come up with innovative product ideas, and emerging companies to address real risks, build resilience, increase trustworthiness and create a conducive environment for businesses; thus, enabling organizations to harness security as a lever for business growth.

Most innovative product eligibility criteria:

  • Innovative Security/ Privacy Products which should not have violated/ breached/ copied any idea/ concept/ product already copyright or patent can be nominated.
  • The organization should be incorporated as a private limited company (as defined in the Companies Act, 2013) or registered as a partnership firm (registered under section 59 of the Partnership Act, 1932) or a limited liability partnership (under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008) in India.
  • Organization nominating in Innovation Box should have an annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 25 crores for any of the financial years since its Incorporation
  • Organizations nominating in Innovation Box should be in existence and operations for less than 5 years from the Date of Incorporation
  • The product should have been designed and developed in India.
  • For the nominated products if there is any IPR/Patents registered, it should be owned by the Indian entity.
  • An organization that has won this award earlier is not eligible to apply.

Thanks everyone for support and admiration !!