AsterBox Simulation

A platform that enables organization to simulate threats ranging from APT TTPs to ransomware and simulataneously suggest defense tactics


Gartner defines Breach & attack Simulation (BAS) technologies as tools “that allow  enterprises to continually and consistently simulate the full attack cycle (including insider  threats, lateral movement and data exfiltration) against enterprise infrastructure, using  software agents, virtual machines, and other means.  Adoption of ATT&CK is widespread across multiple disciplines, including intrusion  detection, threat hunting, security engineering, threat intelligence, red teaming, and risk  management.   It is important for MITRE to strive for transparency about how ATT&CK was created and the  decision process that is used to maintain it, as more organizations use ATT&CK. We want  users of ATT&CK to have confidence in the information and resources that it can provide  and better understand. 

In short, it can answer some of the most elusive and sought-after questions in enterprise  security, like: 

How secure are we?  
If we got hit with a targeted attack today, would our team see it?  
Are we monitoring and alerting on the right things?  
Could we respond to a threat quickly enough to make a difference?  
Could we contain and clean up the threat effectively?  
Vendors performance and accountability? 

Enters Asterbox

A Machine learning based​ new platform enables organizations to continuously evaluate threat, attack  vector, network Compromise to Identify, Prioritize and  Mitigate, Enterprise Security Gaps revealed by Breach &  Attack Simulation. 

AsterBox Platform can be evaluate in two ways with an automated ​SaaS and in  premises​ attack based simulation platform, Where automation of threats and daily attack  techniques are continuously assess their risk posture and exposure from ​exploit to  maintain​ in attack life cycle. 


The ability to test all phases of an attack, from pre-exploitation to post-exploitation,  persistence and maintaining access. ​AsterBox provides hands-on control for executive  management with detailed reports which are much appericated by ​CTO and CISOs. 

  • Evaluate current status and impact of threats to your organization. 
  • Automate time-consuming manual processes 
  • Prioritize efforts to improve team’s efficacy 
  • Understand readiness and vulnerabilities in response to common attack vectors 
  • Track security team performance (Monitor the security SLA’s of your service  engagements) 
  • Use Stanc attack surface metrics to plan your next security investments  ➢ Stay compliant, Stanc also provides the visibility over your network security controls  required by most major compliance and regulatory bodies like GDPR, ISO 27001 and  PCI-Data 

Malware Attack LifeCycle

The Cyber Attack Lifecycle is a sequence of events that an attacker goes through to successfully infiltrate a network and exfiltrate data from it. Typically, attacks happen in five distinct stages: reconnaissance, incursion,discovery, capture, and exfiltration—each uses different tools and techniques. The good news is that blocking just one stage in this lifecycle is all that is needed to protect a company’s network and data exfiltration.

AsterBox at a glance

  • Simulating real cyber attacks across all attack vectors based on MITRE ATT&CK and custom design attack patterns in premises or cloud environment.
  • Cross platform assessment supporting all major operating systems
  • Risk Score and a clear report that details your up-to-the-moment security posture

Deployment Platforms

  • SAAS
  • Cloud Platform